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Dundee: St Salvador’s Episcopal Church

Wordsworth & Maskell, 1882 — organ surveyed August 2021

Audio recordings

Allegretto pensoso (11 Vesper Voluntaries, Op.14) – Edward Elgar
Steven McIntyre
Initial Registration Sw: 8′ flues plus Oboe. Gt: Stopped Diapason, Wald Flute.
Changes +Sw/Gt; final chord is Sw Lieblich, Keraulophon, Vox Celeste.
Villanella (Miniature Suite for Organ) – John Ireland
Andrew Forbes
Initial Registration Sw: Open Diapason (box expression). Gt: alternating Stopped Diapason and Cremona. Pedal: Bourdon. Sw/Ped.
Changes End of A Section: Sw Oboe, Tremulant. B Section: Gt +Wald Flute, Sw/Gt; Sw +Piccolo. End of coda Sw: Keraulophon and Vox Celeste only.
Fantasia in A minor (Sonata No.3) – Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens
Chris Bragg
Initial Registration Foundations 8′ and 4′ coupled, later addition of Swell reeds 8′ and 4′, then tutti, diminuendo, return to first registration.
Changes Ends on Swell Lieblich, Keraulophon.
Prélude à 5 parties (École d’Orgue) – Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens
Chris Bragg
Initial Registration Sw: Open Diapason, Lieblich, Oboe, Cornopean. Gt: Open, Violin, and Stopped Diapasons. [Pedal registration TBC]. Sw/Ped
Changes Box closed at start, later crescendo/diminuendo.
Fantasie No.5, Op.176 – Gustav Merkel
Steven McIntyre
Initial Registration Sw and Gt choruses (with Sw Lieblich, no reeds). [Pedal registration TBC]. Sw/Gt
Changes +Sw reeds. Central section solos: Gt Cremona (RH), Violin Diapason (LH).
Melcombe (Chorale Preludes, Set 1) – Charles H H Parry
Andrew Forbes
Initial Registration Sw: Lieblich Gedacht, Keraulophon, Vox Celeste. Gt: Stopped Diapason, Wald Flute. Pedal: Bourdon. Sw/Ped.
Changes Final section: Gt Dulciana against Sw strings (without Lieblich).