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Dundee: St Salvador’s Episcopal Church

Wordsworth & Maskell, 1882 — organ surveyed August 2021

Audio recordings

Allegretto pensoso (11 Vesper Voluntaries, Op.14) – Edward Elgar
Steven McIntyre
Sw 8′ flues plus Oboe; Gt Stopped Diapason, Wald Flute. Later add Sw/Gt.
Final chord: Sw Lieblich, Keraulophon, Vox Celeste.
Villanella (Miniature Suite for Organ) – John Ireland
Andrew Forbes
Gt alternating Stopped Diapason and Cremona; Sw Open Diapason (box expression); Pedal Bourdon, Sw/Ped.
End of A Section: Sw Oboe + Tremulant.
B Section: Gt add Wald Flute, Sw/Gt; Sw add Piccolo. Sw Keraulophon + Vox Celeste for end of coda.
Fantasia in A minor (Sonata No.3) – Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens
Chris Bragg
Foundations 8′ and 4′ coupled, later addition of Swell reeds 8′ and 4′, then tutti, diminuendo, return to first registration.
Ends on Swell Lieblich + Keraulophon
Prélude à 5 parties (École d’Orgue) – Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens
Chris Bragg
Gt Open, Violin, Stopped Diapasons with Swell Open Diapason, Lieblich, Oboe and Cornopean coupled.
Box closed, later crescendo/diminuendo.
Fantasie No.5, Op.176 – Gustav Merkel
Steven McIntyre
Opening Coupled Sw and Gt choruses (with Swell 16′ Lieblich, no reeds). Later, Swell reeds added.
Central section solos: Cremona (right hand), Violin Diapason (left hand)
Melcombe (Chorale Preludes, Set 1) – Charles H H Parry
Andrew Forbes
Gt Stopped Diapason, Wald Flute; Sw Lieblich, Keraulophon, Vox Celeste; Pedal Bourdon, Sw/Ped.
Final section: Gt Dulciana against Sw strings (without Lieblich).