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Duror: St Adamnan’s Episcopal Church

Various builders, since c.1700 — organ surveyed August 2022


Manual  (56 notes, GG–d3)
8 Open Diapason
8 Stopped Diapason
4 Principal
4 Flute
2 Fifteenth
II Mixture
8 Salicional

short octave GG–G, split ranks at middle C/C#
bottom C+D present [awaiting verification], runs through from tenor G


tenor G, split middle C/C#

Pedal (14 notes, Contra G [B key], Contra A [C# key], C, D-c)
permanent pull-downs only

Couplers and actions
Manual/Pedal key actions: mechanical
Drawstop and shifting action: mechanical 
Electric and hand blowing

Mixture composition
19.22 below break, 12.15 above [Hypothetical composition by Michael McDonald 1 ]

Wind pressure
2 inch w.g.

A = 434.6Hz

1 The soundboard has holes for a third rank, and some pipes not currently in the organ – some of which may belong to the Mixture – are stored in the church.