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core volunteer team

Chris Bragg
University of St Andrews; St Salvador’s Church, Dundee

Andrew Forbes
Glasgow Cathedral (St Mungo’s or High)

Matthew Hynes
St Columba’s Church, Ayr

Steven McIntyre
St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow

supporters and sponsors

Glasgow’s Grand Ole’ Opry
2023 survey (Clydebank)

The Gordon & Ena Baxter Foundation
2023 surveys (Fochabers)

Inches Carr Trust
2021 & 2022 surveys (Dundee, Glasgow, Rosneath, Duror)

Scotland’s Churches Trust
general project support

University of St Andrews
general project support

Scott Blackwell
Peter Burman
Sally Carus
Peter Christie
Michael Davidson
D W James
Kerr Jamieson
Scott Kemmer
Hamish Loudon
Christopher Nickol
Ancuta Nite-Doyle
Martin Renshaw

guest contributors

Alan Buchan
Buckie Methodist Church
contributor to Duror and Fochabers surveys

Katelyn Emerson
University of Cambridge
contributor to Clydebank survey

Ross Cumming
contributor to Fochabers surveys

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