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Fochabers: St Mary’s RC Church

James Bruce & Co., 1843 — organ surveyed June 2023


Great (GG, AA-g3, 60 notes)
8 Open Diapason

8 Stop Diapason Bass 
8 Stop Diapason Treble
4 Principal
22/3 Twelfth
2 Fifteenth
8 Flute

GG, AA-F# shared with Stop Diapason Bass, G-B independent open pipes, c-g3 open metal
GG, AA, AA#, BB open wood, C-g3 metal
Open metal (C# and D# currently not planted, both severely damaged)
Open metal (made from tin above g)
Tenor G, open metal

All metal pipework equipped with tuning slides.

Composition Pedals
I – all stops
II – all stops minus Twelfth and Fifteenth
III – Stop Diapason and Flute only

Electric blowing (hand and foot mechanisms still available)
Tell-tale absent

A = 440.3Hz