St Salvador’s Episcopal Church, Dundee

Wordsworth & Maskell, 1882

Organ surveyed August 2020


Great  (56 notes)

8   Open Diapason                         Zinc and plain metal
8   Violin Diapason                         Zinc and plain metal
8   Stopped Diapason                    Wood
8   Dulciana                                     1-12 grooved to Stopped Diapason, 13-56 plain metal
4   Principal                                      Plain metal throughout
4   Wald Flute                                 Wood, 1-12 stopped, 13-56 open
22/3   Twelfth                                   Plain metal throughout, basses marked “Ker Ch”
2   Fifteenth                                     Plain metal throughout
III   Mixture                                       Plain metal throughout (H&H)
8   Cremona   (tc)                            Plain metal throughout, regulating caps to C49, remainder uncapped


16 Lieblich Bordun                        Wood throughout
8   Open Diapason                        1-12 Wood, 13-56 plain metal
8   Lieblich Gedact                        1-12 Wood,  13-56 plain metal with cork stoppers
8   Keraulophon                             1-12 grooved to Gedact, 13-56 plain metal
8   Vox Celeste  (tc)                       Plain metal throughout, Keraulophon construction
4   Principal                                    Plain metal throughout
2   Piccolo                                       Wood, open throughout
III  Mixture                                       Plain metal throughout
8   Cornopean                                Plain metal throughout
8   Hautboy                                    Plain metal throughout
4   Clarion                                       Plain metal, 37-56 Flues
Tremulant                                       Later addition (1911?)

Pedal  (30 notes)

16 Open Diapason                     Wood
16 Bourdon                                  Wood


Swell to Pedals, Great to Pedals, Swell to Great Unison
Lever Swell Pedal
3 composition pedals to Great & Pedal
3 composition pedals to Swell
Electric and hand blowing

Swell and Great mixture composition

CC:    15.19.22
C25:  8.12.15

Wind pressure

Throughout;  3 ¼  inch w.g.